Jet-Black Sunken Apron Repair

Many Jet-Black locations offer premium HOT asphalt repair services, including sunken apron replacements. Why use hot asphalt? Other cold patch materials are porous, soft, and sticky, and simply do not have the durability of real hot asphalt.

Apron replacements are needed when the asphalt sinks or develops holes where it meets the concrete at the garage. The garage foundation generally sits under this area and can be degraded by water, salt, and freeze/thaw shifting and eventually cause foundation collapse if not repaired.

If you see deep holes along the asphalt/concrete junction, the apron replacement becomes not only desirable, but necessary. If there are one or two holes, it is only a matter of time before they all open up. These holes go into the block foundation, which is why they are so deep, and can not be properly repaired without a complete apron replacement. Filling the holes with gravel, sand, or even concrete will look unsightly and simply not last as moisture continues to infiltrate. The sunken/damaged asphalt must be cut out and removed so the holes and rock base can be properly repaired. Overlays do not solve the root of the problem.

Saw-cut repairs can be completed in a similar fashion anywhere on your driveway or parking lot to remove and replace damaged asphalt.

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